Foster Care and Adoption

Save a life with a single Embrace.

The number of children living outside their homes following abuse is at an all-time high in our state. These kids desperately need families willing to make room in their hearts for them. Maryhurst Embrace Foster Care is there to make sure that families are supported every step of the way and that children are never forgotten.

The Need is Great

There are two stories of foster care in Kentucky.

The first is a positive one: eight out of every 10 kids adopted from the state's care are adopted by their foster parents. Nearly half of all young children in the system find forever homes.

But the other story is one of unmet need. Once a child turns 13, their chance of being adopted is just 16 percent. There are twice as many older youth awaiting foster care as there are homes willing to accept them.

Around the state, these kids are living in community homes or hospitals, holding onto hope that they’ll be matched with a foster family that can care for them and be their next step towards permanency. If they aren’t matched, their chances of becoming homeless, incarcerated, or trafficked increase dramatically.

Maryhurst Embrace Foster Care specializes in connecting these kids with families and making sure everyone has the resources they need to form meaningful, healthy relationships.

Our Approach

Will You Answer the Call?

Are you ready to embrace the responsibility of becoming a foster parent? We accept applications from all types of families, and the short list of requirements (age, employment status, etc.) can be found in the FAQ section.

There are several different options for getting involved, from weekend "respite" fostering to full-time parenting. Click the button below to access our application, contact information, and the schedule of upcoming foster parent training classes.

Become a Foster Parent