Our Approach

A foster family as big as Kentucky.

Like all children, young survivors of abuse need the embrace of a stable and loving family to grow up healthy and happy. It’s not always easy for parents, and sometimes even the most open and passionate foster families question whether they have what it takes. But there is always hope.

That’s why our clinicians teach families to provide consistent, nurturing, trauma-informed care – and they’re there to support parents every step of the way. Through services like family therapy, 24-hour on-call support, and a connected network of fellow foster families, Embrace works to ensure that families feel supported and kids remain on the path to a more positive future.

Foster families are taught to provide a balance of structure, nurture and cultural awareness in their homes. An important part of our approach is family engagement – where foster parents are encouraged to work together with biological families (when it’s appropriate and approved by the State) to achieve healthy development and success for children in their care.

Fostering through Maryhurst Embrace means you’re never alone. One or two weekends a month, a child in therapeutic foster care stays with another foster family. This gives the full-time foster parent some time to re-energize and the kid a chance to form other healthy relationships.


Karen Henderson
Director, Maryhurst Embrace Foster Care